Gunpowder trailer


A powder horn or gunpowder trailer, c. 19th century, used in laying gunpowder, probably by a miner or quarryman. A wooden bung is set into the horn secured by brass studs, with a brass screw at the top, attached to which is a yellow and brown coloured cord, the other end of which is tied to a brass ring set 2 inches from the metal tip fitting. This fitting attaches to the narrow end of the horn with a bayonet fitting which removes to allow the horn to be filled. It operates with a simple lever action closure. The tip end has been decorated with a series of diagonal grooves, cut into the horn, above a narrow brass strip, probably to aid grip. The small metal lever which is associated with this object has become fragile, so is unattached which would have been attached to the metalwork at the end of the horn.This natural plastic item forms part of the Worshipful Company of Horners collection.
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WCHL : 329C


1800 - 1899