Processing of Thermoplastic Materials

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Bernhardt, E.C. (Ed.), 1959. Processing of Thermoplastic Materials. Reinhold Publishing Corporation, New York. This book covers the following: Preface - Introduction, E C Bernhardt - Section I: Fundamentals - 1 Flow behavior or thermoplastics, A B Metzner - Basic material properties - Mechanics of flow in tubes of simple geometry - Practical methods of measuring fluid properties - Nomenclature - 2 Heat transfer and thermodynamics, J M McKelvey - Introduction - Thermodynamics and thermophysical calculations - Heat transfer - Heat generation - Nomenclature - Conversion factors - 3 Mixing and dispersing, W D Mohr - Introduction - Mixing - Dispersing - Appendix 1: Increase in interfacial area by shear and tensile deformation - Appendix 2: Simultaneous shear deformation and diffusion - Appendix 3: Striation thickness resulting from randomly distributed cubes - Appendix 4: Calculation of mixing in laminar continuous flow system - Appendix 5: Calculation of effectiveness of continuous-flow blender - Nomenclature- Section II: Applications - 4 Extrusion, J B Paton, P H Squires, W H Darnell, F M Cash and J F Carley - Introduction to extrusion - development of screw-extruder flow equations - Operating equations for Melt extruders - Development of equations for solids conveying - Design of plasticating extruders - Die design - Cooling, take off, and windup equipment - Appendix A: Fluidity and corrected average fluidities for round orifices and slits - Appendix B: Derivation of extract equation for flow of newtonial liquid through a circular annular channel - Appendix C: Drag flow in wire-coating dies - nomenclature - 5 Injection molding, G B Thayer, J W Mighton, R B Dhal, and C E Beyer - Introduction - Granule feed - The heating cylinder - The injection mold - Role of pressure, temperature, and time in injection molding - Appendix: Injection-molding equation evaluation - 6 Calendering, D I Marshall - The calendering process- Design problems in the calendering unit - Measurement of pressure and roll-separating force - Calculation of pressure and separating force - Methods of adjusting sheet profile - Further basic considerations - Steps in the design of a calendering layout - Appendix: Derivation of the Gaskell Equation - 7 Mixing and dispersing process, JT Bergen - introduction - Theoretical considerations - Current machines for mixing and dispersing - Conclusion - Appendix - Nomenclature - 8 Sheet forming, N Platzer - Definition, history, and synopsis - the four basic methods of sheet forming - Modified techniques of sheet forming - Vacuum forming machines - Elements of vacuum forming machines - Analysis of operating problems in vacuum forming - Sheet materials - Finishing - Suggestions for future studies - 9 Forming of hollow articles, G P Kovach - Introduction - Basic methods for forming hollow articles - Development of blow-molding techniques - Analysis of process variables - Future outlook - 10 Sealing and welding of thermoplastics, B P Rouse Jr, and T M Hearst - Introduction - Types of seals and welds - heated-bar sealing - Dielectric, or high-frequency, sealing - Hot-gas welding, Heated-tool welding - introduction welding and other encapsulating methods - extruded-bead sealing - Spin welding - Future studies - Section III: Processing properties - Processing properties, R F Westover - Acrylic resins - cellulosic resins - Nylon resins - Polyethylene resins - Styrene resins - Vinyl resins - Index.