Introduction to Polymer Science and Technology

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MoDiP Library reference book
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Kaufman, H.S., Falcetta, J.J. (Eds.), 1977. Introduction to Polymer Science and Technology: An SPE Textbook. Wiley-Interscience, New York, London, Sydney, Toronto. This book covers the following: 1 Introduction to polymer science, Herman F Mark and Sheldon Atlas - 2 Polymerization, M Goodman and J Falcetta - 3 Polymer modifications, Norman G Gaylord and David HS Hoffenberg - 4 The size and weight of polymer molecules, Fred W Billmeyer - 5 Polymer morphology, P H Geil - 6 Transisitions and relaxations in polymers, C D Armeniades and Eric Baer - 7 Mechanical properties of high polymers, J A Sauer and K D Pae - 8 Rheology, James F Carly - 9 Extrusion, Imrich Klein and Jules W Lindau - 10 Injection moulding , Irvin I Rubin - 11 Polymer fabrication processes, John M McDonagh - Index