DNP Functional Film Complex PET Plastic Bottle

Object number
AIBDC : 008379.2


A transparent PET bottle moulded with a black coloured shrink wrap film which covers the entirety of the bottle to help protect the contents from UV and light. Released as a limited edition for the product Awanama Sake, the bottle delivers the functionality of glass whilst being lightweight, recyclable and virtually unbreakable. The polyolefin stretched barrier film is wrapped into the preform prior to blow moulding in order to eliminate the air gap that normally exists between a bottle and the shrink wrap sleeve. Designed as a premium product, the high definition shaping resembles traditional Japanese 'kiriko' cut-glass. The film provides colour to the bottle which is normally achieved by adding colourants to the PET raw material, but this is prohibited in Japan due to their plastics recycling systems. The film can be separated by being cut off prior to recycling or via gravity separation in water after the bottle has been crushed. The bottle was awarded the Dow Packaging Innovation Diamond Award in 2019.
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printed: "Fresh & Sparkling Sake. Awanama. 320ml." (label)
Colour Note
shrinkwrap film and lid