Prototype Belling kettle with decoration

Object number
AIBDC : 007156
1973 (circa)


A prototype electric kettle, handmade in the early 1970s by GJC Developments Ltd for Belling. This was a prototype for one of the first electric kettles mainly made of plastic, developed to compete with the market leaders of the day. The specified criteria were that it should have a factory gate price of £3, wholesale price of £6 and retail price of £12; it should cut off automatically on reaching boiling point; have an audible alarm to be activated on reaching the set boiling point; an overriding on/off switch and a facility for the switch off temperature to be set by an adjustable control. Two prototypes were handmade, mainly machined/milled and routed from plastic blocks, though a prototype moulding tool was made for the main vessel which was moulded in Noryl, a modified polyphenylene, to withstand the temperature required. Noryl has good dimensional stability, low water absorption and good heat resistance. They were subsequently submitted to BEAB for testing and for a specification to be produced for plastic appliances. After final modifications a prototype manufacture run of about 100 were given out for testing and comments. This kettle, decorated with a pattern of orange circles set in a black square on a satin finish metalic ground, is one of the test run. It was decided not to proceed to full production.
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printed: "Belling automatic. buzzer. " (hadle)