Sport Coupe

This car is part of the LEGOLAND Town theme and has the number 6530. This children's building brick system was invented by Dane, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen in the 1950s. The name Lego comes from the Danish 'leg godt' meaning play good. The 'stud-and-tube' connecting system patented in 1958 provides unlimited building possibilities. LEGO is still a market leader in the toy industry, appealing to both girls and boys all over the world. The bricks are made of ABS which is a low cost rigid material and is characterised by outstanding impact strength. Important for Lego is its good dimensional stability, the bricks would not work if they warped and the studs did not fit.

height 70 mm, length 140 mm, depth 45 mm
Object Number
AIBDC : 0_6462
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