Islander Uke

A ukelele designed and developed by Mario Maccaferri in the United States of America in 1959. Constructed from eight separately moulded parts made from polystyrene, the ukelele features moulded fingerboard frets and uses DuPont nylon strings. It has a cream coloured front and red marbled back. Retailing at $5.95, the instrument sold more than nine million by 1969 when Maccaferri sold his business to a rival company. Sales were promoted by a popular radio and TV personalilty of the day and talented ukelele player Arthur Godfrey. This example is boxed and is accompanied by AIBDC : 007874.2 a visual chordmaster.
1959 (circa)
width 160 mm, length 535 mm, depth 55 mm
plastic , PS (body), polystyrene , PA (strings), polyamide , nylon
injection moulded (body), extruded (strings)
Object Number
AIBDC : 007874.1
printed: "ISLANDER. Patents Pend. Designed by Maccaferri" (headstock)
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