Jiggs PBone

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A tenor trombone in Bb made from ABS and glass fibre composite. Originally designed by Hugh Rashleigh of Rashleigh Ltd which is now a part of Warwick Music Ltd, the trombone was designed as a starter insturment but is now widely used. The one-piece bell and gooseneck are made from injeciton moulded ABS and the slide tube from glass fibre. all materials are more robust than traditional brass and it's low weight and relatively low cost makes the instrument more accessible to those wishing to play. The ergonomic design of the istrument provides a comfortable and effective grip for a wide range of hand sizes and encourages good posture and the correct hand positioning. This example was made in China in 2016 for Warwick Music Ltd. and is complete with textile case, and size 11C mouthpiece and a strap.
length 450 mm, diameter 210 mm
injection moulded (yellow coloured parts)
Object Number
AIBDC : 007871
printed: "Jiggs pBone® Made in China CE" (side)