Concord Air.Safe infant car seat

A lightweight infant car seat the Concord Air.Safe is designed for children up to 18 months old and a maximum body weight of 13kg. Weighing under 3kg it is the most lightweight car seat of its type currently available. It is constructed in a similar way to that of a cycling helmet in that its inner surface is reinforced with a honeycomb structure which provides outstanding impact resistance. The outer shell is made from injection moulded polypropylene and the seat and seat minimiser have padded, removable covers for comfort and ease of cleaning. It is secured to the car seat by means of the car’s seat belt, or an optional universal fixing platform. A three-point harness system safely restrains the child and an adjustable strap provides the means to recline the inner padded seat or seat minimiser, which is used for the smallest of infants. It incorporates a multifunctional button for carry handle adjustment and a simple Travel System adaptor for attaching it to a buggy base. This car seat is designed to provide safety, comfort and ease of use. Accompanying the seat is a set of connectors which enable the seat to be fitted to a buggy frame.


height 400 mm, width 420 mm, depth 640 mm
plastic , PP (shell), polypropylene , EPS (internal reinforced structure), expanded polystyrene , PS , polystyrene , textile , polyester (covers and safety straps), cotton , POM (buckle), polyoxymethylene
Object Number
AIBDC : 007341
stitched: "Concord Air.Safe" (covers)
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